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What is keyword? (SEO: Part-2)

keyword research tips
Written by Tariqul42

Keyword is very important part of search engine optimization. Basically keyword is a collection of words for those you give importance when create a website. The words you have selected for the optimization your blog or website is called keyword. So lets have some discussion on keyword. When you want to find out a website on web from where you can download music, you must search by similar kinds of keyword given bellow- download music, download free music, download english song, download latest music etc.

keyword research tips

So they are called keyword and you should prefer these keywords when you create a musical website this is because all can find out your site easily by these keywords. How to use keyword. There are two ways to use keyword on your site.

  1. Meta tag
  2. Site content or article
  1. by meta tag: we basically work with meta tag when create a website.
    <meta name=”keywords” content=”one keyword, another keyword/> this tag is called meta tag. Some rules you should ¬†abide by when using keyword:
  2. Don’t use the keywords you selected as your site keyword more then
    three times in a meta tag.3. Use meta keyword on your site maximum one time.

    4. Don’t write same keyword many times rather than you can use it
    changing little part.

    5. Don’t do spelling mistake in keyword.

    6. Use (,) after every keyword.

How to use keyword on site content or article.

  1. First make a draft including all selected keywords of your site.2. Find out the relevant keywords depending on your site content,
    which will be more effected.

    3. Write your all contents using the selected keywords or try to more
    prefer the keywords.

    4. Keep the keywords within the first 200 words of any article.

    5. Don’t over use the keywords. Just write the content for reader not
    for search engines.

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