What is backlink? (SEO: Part-4)

Links from other websites which point to your site are called back-links. It is also known as incoming links. Search engines often
count the back-links that a website has to fix position of the site in search result.

Why will build back-links?
You will build back-links because it is the most important part of off
page SEO. If you have lots of incoming links from other website then
search engine will consider your site as an informative site.
Basically People like to link top/popular/informative sites and as a
result those sites earn more reputation and good search rank. To a
Search engine back-link has a great value. By the number of Back-links
search engines consider the importance of a web page and also give
preference according to it. Definitely a search engine will not give a
good position in search results if a site doesn’t has good reputation
this is why search engines try to find out more reputed website.
Back-links counting is one of the tool for search engines to consider
the importance of a website.

Quality back-links: all back-links are not effective. To get a good search rank you need quality back-links. But it is a question, why are
all back-links not effect? Yes natural question. Suppose you have a company and you hired 50 people to perform different kinds of task but some of them are physically unable to do any task. Will you expect the performance from them which can be expected from 50 people? Definitely
not because all 50 people are not able to work. So the same thing happens in SEO. If the back-links are not quality, it will not perform
well to build up good search rank for a site. Now the question is which back-links are quality and which are not. Very easy answer, the
links from a quality website is considered quality back-links and from quality less are not. Now question is that how to understand the
quality of a site. Yes, Google has a system to identify the quality of a site. Google gives every website a rank within 0-10 by which you can
understand the quality of a website.

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