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Some tips to keep your pc running smoothly

Written by Tariqul42

Maintenance  is very important whenever you buy a new device or have an old one. If you neglect it then you may need to take your device to doctor for repairing. So it will be better to do simple maintenance task to keep you device long lasting. Now I am going to discuss some steps to maintain your device which will benefit you long run. So lets get started…

1. Optimize the startup:

The most common problem is that your  PC slowly start up and slowly shut down. Sometime you see that PC gets totally hung  and does not work as a result you face trouble and sometime become angry. So what is the solution?

You can use ccleaner as the solution of this problem. It will remove all the records from the hard drive  of your system. You can manually select which  part of your device you want to clean. After installing ccleaner in PC go to program tab> program or application > delay tab and choose the dalay tab.

2. Start automatic update schedule:

Another important thing need to keep in mind to run the pc smoothly is update the schedule regularly. Here is a problem that you may  get board by checking the update information regularly or you may not remember to update it regularly.

To make this task easy you can install auto updater software to perform it automatically. But in windows 7 the task is very easy, in windows 7 you will find the task scheduler in the menu. Just click the option create basic task to add program. Now you can add any program here.

3. De-fragment your device:

De-fragment your device is very helpful to run your PC smoothly. Now the question is that how to do it?

If you are using windows 7 , 8 or windows vista then you will find the option at start > disk defragment > result and here you can manage the options. If you are using windows xp then you need to go start > all programs > accessories > system tools > disk defragmenter and manage the options according to your needs.

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