Privacy Policies

In this group blogging platform there will have a lot of discussions about the latest modern technology. But here relates few rules and regulation which should be maintained by all. Please read carefully in order to stay along with us so that you can gather and share unlimited knowledge about the most recent technology for free. We will try our best to help our users in various knowledgeable sectors.

Privacy Policies for :

1)      Copy paste violation:

This is the most prohibited activities for every writer. We will must delete any copy-paste articles. So, please try to write in your own words and don’t try to copy-paste directly from other resources.

2)      Topic selection:

As a technology related site we don’t like to support any other topics like politics, sports, culture etc.

3)      Language:

Because of providing our services all over the world, only English is allowed here for expressing yourself. We will try our best to support different languages in future.

4)      Silent advertisement:

You can advertise your site here for free but it should be in silent process. You can only use one or two no-follow links of your site. We will not allow free advertisers to share any do-follow links.

5)      Relevant Content:

We only allow technology related contents. We specially appreciate programming contents, software reviews, electronics product review, Various Tips and tricks.

6)      Spamming:

Spammers are totally rejected and banned for this site. We appreciate only real visitors. We are so strict against spammers.

7)      Unique and high quality Articles:

Unique and high quality articles are recommended to submit on this site. We feel proud to publish unique contents on our site.


Frequently asked questions:

  1. How can I submit articles?

To submit an article just follow the following steps:

a. Register on the site.
b. Check your email and collect password. ( You can change the password after logging in ).
c. Hover the mouse over “ Posts ” and click on “ add new ”.
d. Now submit your article.

       2. Why I will submit articles on


a. To build up your audience.
b. Increasing your popularity.
c. To create back-links.
d. To get visitors from this site.
e. Creating a authorized profile for getting article writing jobs on freelancing sites.
f. Providing your sample article link to your client and showdown you audience.

       3. Why my article is not published/account banned?

We don’t publish articles for following reasons:

a. Plagiarized contents.
b. Spamming.
c. Garbage of do-follow links.
d. Political, religious or embarrassing contents.
e. Irrelevant contents.



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