Let’s introduce with CSS3.

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Some days ago web designers relied on various graphics software for making eye catching web mock up. If you want a gradient background or an image then the procedure was: firstly to use a graphics software like Photoshop and then to create an image and give a gradient effect on that image. If your browser does not provide permission to load images then that process is not an effective way, also that process needs more time. On the other hand The CSS2 gives us the opportunity of general designing so you should use graphics software. Again you want animation, also depend on third party software. Is not it disgusting! But after developing the CSS3 we do not need to rely on graphics software any more. The CSS3 and HTML 5 eliminate many restrictions of graphics of web design. Now you are able to make many graphical effects in the notepad.

the introductory of css

CSS3 is very powerful designing tool and it is the improved version of CSS2. It adds new functionality on CSS2. CSS3 is divided in some modules like text, font, animation, selector and they also individual in nature. This strategy gives a cool option of managing timetable of individual module. So the drafting and working processes do not hamper your design. Visit at www.w3.org/Style/CSS/current-work to know the update about modules. The development of CSS3 is still running. Developers try to find out properties for giving beautiful and cool effects on web pages. CSS3 opens a door for you to think in a new way.


The CSS3 gives you an eye catching web layout but there are also some problems like browsers support. All browsers are not able to execute the CSS3 properties or rely on the individual browser prefix for executing. This is for drafting condition of the CSS3. There are some properties for all browsers approved by W3C and some properties are in draft. So at first you need to gather knowledge about which properties we can use and which is not or which engine may need for which browsers.

Level of module by W3C:

  • Working draft: reviewing by the community.
  • Last call: receiving feedback from the community
  • Candidate recommendation: Changing anything if needed.
  • Proposed recommendation: sending to W3C
  • Recommendation: getting a standard property of CSS3.

So, don’t rely upon only W3C standard, also use the drafting properties. Avoiding collision you should use browser prefix.


CSS3 is the superset of CSS2 means CSS3 supports all features of CSS2. Obviously there are some deprecated features means they are not usable in CSS3.

Some new feature of CSS3:

  • Visual effects that do not depend on image.
  • 2D and 3D box transformation
  • Graphical font
  • DOM selectors
  • Animation and transition
  • Media queries for various devices
  • Multiple-column based layout

Some benefits of using CSS:

  • Eye catching design
  • Better SEO automatically
  • Better handling of HTML elements
  • Some JavaScript like effects.
  • Better accessibility
  • Reduce design time and increase page performance


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