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Install the best python IDE for windows

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Install Aptana, the best python IDE for windows by pydev

Learn how to get up and running with python! In this lesson I will be showing you how to install the best python ide for windows. As a python coder I would recommend all to use any code editor of their choice like eclipse, sublime text, or even online python IDE like . Pythonfiddle is a very good python IDE for beginners who are just starting out to learn python and are using simple codes, but eventually you are going to need more power and precision.

In this tutorial I would be using Aptana Studio 3 as the Python IDE. It is one of the best Python IDE mainly because it has got excellent support for python given by pydev. And it looks great.  Many might think that programming has nothing to do with visual aesthetic but I sure would be crying I were to use notepad for my coding.

And I will install python IDE with python 2.7.5. Many of the recent PCs come with python pre-installed, to check if you’ve got python interpreter is to open up the command prompt:

  • Press windows + r  to open up run
  • Type ‘cmd’ in run and hit ‘ok’
  • Write python –version and press ENTER. (you might see that I have 3. 3. 2 please ignore that). If you don’t have python installed you will probably see and error.

Even if you have python installed I would recommend you download the latest version of 2x not the 3x. The third generation is latest but its library support is not very good. It is the future of python program though. But most of the tutorials you will find in the internet will be in 2x series. The 3x series have some change in the variable and I/O syntaxes.

For example in python 2.7.5 print command is: print “Hello”

And python 3.3.2 : print (“Hello”)

But there is no significant drawback to using 3rd series yet.


Installing Python library in your computer


Now, if miraculously you happen to have python 2.7.5 then skip the next step, if you don’t please follow:

  • Go to and locate this box in the left hand side of the website and download the windows installer.





  • You will have a file like this.




  • Install using admin rights and in the default directory. Be sure to remember the directory. Default directory is C:Python27
  • After finishing the installation go to the directory and check if you have these files or not.
  • If yes, then fire up your command prompt once again and write, python –version and press enter. If the version matches with the installed version then you have successfully installed python interpreter in your computer.


Now, the next step

Installing Aptana Studio 3 as python IDE

Aptana Studio is not exclusively for python, but also good for other web application scripting integrated development environment. Aptana studio is integrated with pyDev

  • Go to and locate the “download aptana studio 3” download button


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  • Download the application choosing the “Standalone Version”.


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  • Hit the download button and wait for it to finish.
  • After that install the aptana studio 3 with its default settings.
  • After setup is completed fire up Aptana studio and set up a workspace. Basically this is where all of your projects will be saved. Check the use as default checkbox and press okay. Be sure to remember the directory of your workspace.
  • Okay, now you have to set your installed python as the default python interpreter. So you have to go to Windows > Preferences > PyDev >Interpreter – Python. Press the button Auto Config for Aptana to locate python interpreter.


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  • When Aptana finish locating the running instances of python you will see a box like this, check all the boxes and press okay.
  • Now press Apply. It will take a couple of seconds.
  • If the auto config mode does not work then press New… and in the second box locate the Python.exe file on the Python 2.7.5 and press okay. Then hit apply. If everything has gone correctly then you should see this progress bar. After finishing press okay to test it out.
  • Create a project by going to File > New > PyDevProject…
  • Give your project a name
  • Then set your grammar version to suit your needs.
  •  Click finish

After finishing building the project, right click on your project folder inside Aptana studio and select add file. Name the file with .py as its extension. Then double click on the file and you are ready to do some serious Python coding in one of the best Python IDE.

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