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Important steps before buying domain name

Written by Saiful Islam

Buying well-researched domain names is so important for starting online business because the keyword on the domain name gets the top priority on search engines. If you can grab a keyword for your domain name which is searched lots of time and face less competition, it can drag lots of traffic from the search engines since the beginning. Without deep analysis of the domain name can lead you few steps back and take more time to get relevant traffic to your site. Moreover, top level domain name with great search volume can reduce the necessity of having more contents than low level and irrelevant domain names.
Things you need to know:

1. What is domain name?

This is the unique identity of a site among the web. Using the domain name a website gets the access on the internet. To start with a website we must have to register a domain name.

2. How to find out an unregistered domain name?

To find out an unregistered domain name you can visit any domain seller site and enter any name that you expect. There can be found lots of extension with a domain name like .com/.co/.net/.org/.info/.asia/.mobi/ and so on.  Among them “.com “ is mostly used domain name extension which have come from the entity “ Commercial ” and other mostly common extension and their entity have given below:

Common Domain name extensions                           Entity 

.com                                                                                                              Commercial
.info                                                                                                               Information
.net                                                                                                                Network
.org                                                                                                                Organization
.gov                                                                                                                Governmental
.edu                                                                                                                Educational
.co                                                                                                                  Cooperative
.asia                                                                                                               Asia region
.mobi                                                                                                             Mobile devices

If you want to specify the location of your country area then you can add more extension with above extensions according to the country :

country wise extensions                                                Entity     

.us                                                                                                                 United States of America
.uk                                                                                                                 United kingdom
.au                                                                                                                 Australia
.in                                                                                                                  India
.ca                                                                                                                  Canada
.bd                                                                                                                 Bangladesh

3. Which domain is perfect for me?

To choose a domain name we need to consider the following concepts:

    i. Analyze the domain keywords:

We should choose such keywords which explain your site the most. Because if the domain name can’t give the clear concept about the site some visitors may forget the irrelevant name of your domain.

   ii. Prefer the most easily memorable names:

Whenever we make a site with long, strange, irrelevant name then it becomes tough to remember for visitors because those become unable to touch their brain.

  iii. Different from popular established sites:

If the domain name gets similarity with the established sites then there creates a serious problem to drag people from search engines because generally established sites get top rank on the search engine. So, as usually people will visit those top ranked sites. Thus you will lose a big number of visitors. The market will become more competitive.

Steps to find the appropriate keyword:

If you don’t own products/services for business, you may try this process to begin a successful business. Actually analyzing the market and creating a plan before starting is important steps before buying domain nameso important to win the market. Anyway, there is a helpful tool “ Keyword planner ”(produced my Google) which is so useful to analyze the market. Using this tool we can plan for most searched keywords and the competition behind those keywords.


Now let me show how to research keywords:

1. Create a Gmail account. (No need if you have any).
2. Login to this link – using your Gmail account. Then there will appear the following screen:

3. Now click on the “Search for new keyword and ad group ideas”. Now enter any relevant keywords (related to your products or services).Important-steps-before-buying-domain-names3


4. Here you will get a list of keyword groups. You can gather few conceptions on several keywords. In this section you can analyze any keywords according to average monthly searches, competition, keyword values (for AdSense users). Even, you can target for specific localities, languages, search engine (Google and Google partners). And the most importantly, there is a great option to filter any keyword through average monthly limits/suggested bid/competition.


To know more, you may also visit the post of Mr. Tariqul as well.
Thanks for reading the post. On the next post I will show how to buy domain names and link up with hosting panel. Till then Good Bye. 🙂

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