HTML Tutorials- part-7

Written by Saiful Islam

Creating Layers

Layer creation is the mostly essential creative action of a web designer. To have a perfect adjustment of each and every elements of a site we need to utilize required HTML tags. Now, I am going to represent a layer of a simple webpage.

You may practice that through our : practice pad

Let’s look at the full HTML code from which I have created a layer:




  1. !DOCTYPE html> indicates that you are creating document type HTML file. This tag is not required to use. You may use that if you want to ensure your readers that you have written a file with html codes.
  2. <html> tag also indicates the type of your code. This tag announces the HTML type of coding.
  3. The <body> tag is used to exhibit the whole body of the document.
  4. The <div> tag:

While using the <div> tag we should ensure an identity for each tag so that we can easily find out the specific block instead of the <div> tag. You can identify each block according to your wish.Then you may use each attributes one by one.


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