Heading tag of HTML – (Part-2)

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 HTML Heading Tag:




<!doctype html>



<h1>Tag for heading</h2>




Tag for heading


  • Description:
  1. “<!doctype html>“ refers to declare that I am going to write a document type html file.
  2. <html> is used to after “ <!doctype html>” and end with </html> tag
  3. <body> tag is used to indicate the body part of your article and this ends with </body>
  4. “<h1>” tag is called the heading tag and used to highlight your header with a deep black color. This tag ends with “</h1>” . You have to write heading within “<h1>” and “</h1>” tag . You can replace from “ h1 ” to “h6” that means the range is h1 to h6. Then the font size of your heading will reduce gradually.


Paragraph and line breaker tags :-

Paragraph tag :-

  • Structure : <p>Full paragraph</p>
  • Example :





Look at the paragraph tag
  •  Usage: while writing paragraphs or any descriptive passages.

Line breaker tag :-

  • Structure :
  • Example :



1st part of the line
2nd part of the line
3rd part of the line


  •  Usage: Turning to the new line.

Font style tag :-

To beautify the article and simplify that for readers we have to use different fonts. So, please, concentrate below and analyze those following tags:

1. Bold tag (bolds the text) :

2. Strong tag (Highlight the font by deep color) :

3. Italic font tag (present the text as italic) :       

4. Emphasize tag (emphasize your font) :
5. Code tag (show different types of codes like html codes, programming codes.. etc. ) :
6. Subscript tag (show the word quite below from the previous word):  
7. Superscript tag (show the word quite below from the previous word) :

 Shortcut chart:

Name & Structure



 Bold tag:

<b>  </b>



bold text
Strong tag:

<strong>  </strong>


strong text
Italic font tag:

<i> </i>



Your italic text
Emphasize tag:

<em> </em>



your emphasized text
Code tag:


  your computer output
Subscript tag:


  Your subscripted text line.
Superscript tag:


  Yoursuperscripted text line.



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