HTML Basics – (Part – 01)

Written by Saiful Islam
  • What is HTML ?

Hypertext markup language (HTML) is the most useful web page designing language which is able to markup or rationalize different specific texts, links, images, slides etc within that web page.

  • Overall conception ?
  1. Based on specific tags.
  2. Just need to memorize the structure of those tags through practicing.
  3. Most widely used coding language for a basic web design.
  4. Must needed coding language for any type of web designer & web developer.
  • Usage ?

It is used to create and design different parts of your webpage such as header, body, sidebar, footer, ad space, slider etc. .

Ways to run :

There are a lot of ways to run HTML codes both online and offline. You can practice that in our site through our upcoming practice Page. Other many sites also let their users to use such kind of pages to practice HTML such as –, and others sites as well. If you prefer offline then I recommend some tools like notepad, notepad++, dreamwaver for the beginners.

But the most available tools for every computer users is ” Notepad “. So, I am going to show the ways of using that for practicing at the beginner level:

  1. Open the ” Notepad ” from your computer and write down the following texts:
  1. Go to the ” FIle>Save as “:
  1. Then select any location and choose this option ” All files ” instead of ” Text Documents “.
  1. Now, save the file using “ .html ” after your given name such as –    ” saifulislamrony.html ”. Here I have used ” Index.html “. You may use any name that you want. But must ensure that you have put ” .html ” at the last.


  1. Open the file by any browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome, Internet explorer etc.

6. At last check the output and enjoy.

Basic structure of HTML:




<!doctype html>



<h1>Tag for heading</h2>





Tag for heading


  • Description:
  1.  “<!doctype html>“ refers to declare that I am going to write a document type html file.
  2. <html>  is used to after “ <!doctype html>” and end with  </html> tag
  3. <body> tag is used to indicate the body part of your article and this ends with </body>
  4. “<h1>” tag is called the heading tag and used to highlight your header with a deep black color. This tag ends with “</h1>” . You have to write heading within “<h1>”  and  “</h1>”  tag . You can replace from “ h1 ” to “h6”  that means the range is h1 to h6. Then the font size of your heading will reduce gradually.

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