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How to SEO an ecommerce site.

Importance of SEO in an Ecommerce site

To survive in the business market these days are a great challenge. Especially to those who has no or little idea on SEO. Well learning SEO is not a one-time deal. You have to keep your eyes open for Google’s constant search algorithm updates.

Although doing SEO by hiring an expert does cost a moderate amount of money, but if done precisely then investments are bound to pay off.

It’s a major blow for a company whose site is SEO-wise inadequate. No visitors mean no sales. So to make that happen you have to analyze very critically the followings


Keyword research is proven to be the most influential SEO technique. This is a very critical point as you have to find out the best match keyword and low competitions. If you use a broad keyword like “Chocolate”, you have to know that competitions would be fierce. You can find out keyword trends using the google adword tools which are free. When you find the best match it’s time to move towards the long-tail keywords like “delicious chocolate lava cake”.  Always try to look for low competitive long-tail keywords.

According to statistics, 30% of an eCommerce site traffic are the results of the pinpoint keywords and the rest 70% is the result of the long-tail searches. So choose long-tail keywords wisely as it is the main benefactor of your business.

Also remember to avoid keyword cannibalization. It means having the same keyword in multiple pages of your site.

You should always remember to use meta descriptions of your product pages which will result in the SERP (search engine landing page) as a blurb (as Google calls it).

Find out your competitions:

Find other companies which sells similar products as yours. Then try to figure out why they are making more money by seeing their page rank. Check out their Domain Authority DA and PAGE authority by using a free chrome and Mozilla supported toolbar called the free Moz toolbar (just google it).


If your domain and page authority is significantly lower, then you have to try other way. Try to score the easiest victory one at a time.

Try to find their backlinks or referrals and notice a pattern. If the pattern is too random then just leave it and try another way. Remember no website is unassailable SEO-wise.

Site architecture and speed:

Try to plan out a site architecture which is fairly simple. Basing the site according to the architecture and assure that less clicks are required to find the desired products of the consumer. The key is simplicity.

In research it is proven that if a site take more than 5s to load the bounce rate are bound to increase by at least a whopping 26%. Bounce rate is like a hole in a ship on the sea. Use cache methods to make your site load faster and reduce bounce rates. A prospective customer will not purchase any product from a site which takes forever to load. Keep your site as less bulky as possible. If you have read the whole article please know that this is just skimming the top. Tip of the iceberg. There are a lot of things to consider during Search Engine Optimization.

My advice to you all is if you are a blogger or a web designer then consider learning SEO as a bonus. But if you are into serious business as eCommerce then always consider a professional’s touch.

And also buying backlinks rather than earning is a bad idea! Keep in touch to know why.

Happy earning.



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