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Google advices how to expand your website to more language.

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Go international!

If you have got a famous website or blog, you are probably thinking about expanding it to more languages to be available in expand your site for more languagesthe widespread internet community. An actions like this may bring a flow of increasing audiences and of course monthly ad revenue we all love so much!

In the most recent google webmaster help video, tech head of Google Developer Program gives out some tips and advices to make websites more search friendly in different countries by having a version of it in different languages.

In this video she covers things like the importance of language expansion or multiple language, what are the things to consider before doing it and some significant search engine issues.

One of the most important thing to include in a multi-language website is to use the regional tags which will help the google search engine to understand how it should display your website in search engine from different countries. Such as rel=”alternate” hreflang=”en” tag would guide the search engine to locate the webpage when it shows up in a search result page somewhere in US. Whereas rel=”alternate” hreflang=”en-gb” would locate the page made in British English.

This tag has to be place at the header section of the document, or in the HTTPD section of the page. This will result no or very less change in the url

The video is very elaborate and goes into more depth about the process of searching a multi-language webpage. Even if its lengthy, it is a good investment if you are very serious about making your website accessible in different languages worldwide.

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