Procedure of changing the default admin WordPress username.

Written by Tariqul42

Why will you change it?
Many bloggers forget or don’t try to change their wordpress default username. It is know to all hackers that the default username of wordpress is admin. If a hacker knows the username of your site, it becomes easier to him to hack the site. He needs to crack the password only, if he can then your site will be hacked. To keep your site more secure, you have to choose an unique username which will make the task more difficult to a hacker. But how can you change the default username?

How to change?
Many hosting providing sites offer auto CMS installer service as a result you can’t setup everything manually and one of them is username so you need to change it later, but how?

The wordpress username is unchangeable. But you should not be worried. There is a way you can change the unchangeable username. For this you have to create a new wordpress admin user. You know that wordpress gives an option to add new user. The user roles are administrator, author, contributor, editor, subscriber. Among all of them administrator is most powerful, he has the power to control everything. So you will create an administrator user account with same information but with different username which you want to make login username. After creating a new administrator account logout from your dashboard and login with new user account. Now delete the previous administrator account. When deleting a user, wordpress asks you to transfer all of his posts to any other user. Select the new administrator user and click on delete. Well done! You completed a good job.

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  • Well said bro, but the username can be changed from database as well. By the way I like your site’s design very much. I am looking forward for your new articles. Plz visit my site if possible.

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