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C programming Tutorials: Part – 02

Written by Saiful Islam

Previous part : C programming tutorials: part 1

From the previous part we knew about making a simple program to print/show something that we want. In this part I will discuss about making a variable name.


What are variables?

Variables are one kind of referrer which can refer the various kinds of values to a certain address. That means you can keep your data (various/fixed data) into the database ( in the location of your variable) by the reference of a variable.

How to make a variable name?

  1. Generally, it is allowed to use 8 characters that may have alphabets, digits and underscores.

  2. You must start with an alphabet character. Don’t use capital letter (Ex- “A” ) as a character ( use only small letter).

  3. Commas (,) and blanks ( ) and other special characters are prohibited within a variable name.

Such as:


p align=”center”> tech_post_5


In the next part I will show how to use variables. 🙂

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