C Programming Tutorials

C Programming Tutorials: Part – 01

Written by Saiful Islam

What is C programming ?:

This is one of the oldest and primary programming language C-programmingwhich is used to instruct a PC to perform some tasks. Those tasks can be calculation, graphic designing, gaming etc. Following that language other established programming languages like C#, PHP, Python, Java, JavaScript were established.

Usage of C programming :

While developing applications for computers and various electronic devices which is run by micro-controllers this programming language plays a vital role. The type of logic that we use for C programing can be also applicable in others programming languages as well. So, the knowledge in C programming is so helpful to learn other languages though the structure is different.

Required tools for compiling a program :

You need a compiler software to run a program on your PC. I have shared two links for two well-known compiler. To download a compiler use those following links :

For turbo c :


For Dev C++ :

Now, type those following codes below on your compiler (don’t try to copy paste the code as this process will make you lazy and hard to understand in the future!!!) –

[warning: Don’t copy paste the program (copy paste doesn’t work) just type the program on your compiler. ]

[Note : Don’t forget to look at last the last part where I will describe the program.]

Now press “F9” button and save the code (for Dev c++ compiler) to compile and run the program.

Can you see the output like the following image :


Part -1: Header


This part is called “header ” where different kinds of functions are saved. And we have to use that so that our compiler can recognize the function we use. That means the functions and tasks of them are saved so that compiler can give output doing those tasks.
part -2: body
In this part we have to write the whole program below the “main()” and inside the { }

Here, is the main part of the program inside { }

[Note :

You have to use semicolon ( ; ) at the end of each line. In this program I have used it after ” printf ” and ” getch ” function.


Usage of ” printf ” function
We use this function for 2 purposes :
  1. To say anything to user / ask him to give a input. Look at the structure for this purpose:
printf (” Your massage “);
printf(” Please enter a number “);
2. To show the output results to user. I will not give the structure at that tutorial because some of you may not understand that. I will show it further.

Usage of ” getch ” function

  • This function is used to stable the output of your function. That means without using it you can’t watch the output as it will go away so quickly that your eye can’t catch.
And that’s it for the first tutorial. I will publish more “Tech-posts” about C for the next time.

Till then… Good bye 🙂

[Note: Don’t forget to comment if you feel any problem]

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