7 tips for choosing a CMS

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A well designed website would be to manage, edit, maintain both for webmaster and users. The content of a website or blog regularly need to edit, update and addition thats why you need a CMS (content management system) so that you and the users can do these tasks easily. There are different kinds of blog and different kinds of functionalities according their needs. If you have your own idea to create website you need to know which CMS will be better for your site. Now I am discussing some tips to choose a CMS.

1. Cost: cost is matter. So firstly you need to think about the cost of the CMS you want to select. You can choose free CMS or paid. If your budget is low then I will suggest you to select free CMS like wordpress, joomla etc.

2. Research: before buying/selecting a CMS you should do simple research. A good CMS should be well designed, well secured, user friendly and has no error.

3. SEO: SEO is very important part of a website. While selecting a CMS you should know is it SEO friendly or not.

4. Mobile friendly: large number of people use mobile phone to browse internet. So you can have lots of visitor if your CMS is mobile friendly.

5. Community support: A community support system will the user more closer to you. You can know them well and they can connect to your site easily. So learn if your CMS has register/signup option for the visitors or not.

6. Add-on: After creating a website you may need to add more function/option or you may need to customize any element of your site. Thats why your CMS should have add-on functions like plugins, modules.

7. Multi-site management: if you want to create multi type of site then you have to create many channel but it will be difficult task for you to manage all of your site. If your CMS has multi-site management system then the work will be easier as you can your all sites from a single dashboard.

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