6 Reasons for Choosing PHP on Your Website

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HTML gives you a complete web site and CSS gives a complete layout. But both of HTML and CSS designed sites are static. To make a dynamic website you need script languages. Client side script like JavaScript gives you an interactive website but it works on browsers. So you need a server side script language that works on all sides. Among server side script ASP and PHP are most popular. Now I describe why you use PHP as a server side script and why it is more appropriate for you.

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a server side language to implement server side task. It is a great language for server side. It has a good control in the server. It is an object oriented language that gives you full control of the object. Form small to medium to large web site is possible built with PHP. It is very popular among web developer. Big companies like Facebook, Google use PHP as server side language. PHP server can debug PHP based websites more easily and accurately. PHP lays on HTML and it has a great performance in HTML. Its interactive feature gives a problem free, user friendly and strong communication subject.

Nowadays it is the talk of the world why you should use PHP as a server side language. To investigate this topic you can consider some things:

  1. Learning easy:

The most attractive thing for PHP is that it is very easy to learn. No prior programming knowledge is necessary for learning it. If you have knowledge about C syntax and Object oriented feature of C++ then these are the plus point for you. PHP also is easy to read, easy to understand. It has a clear concept. It has basic mathematical approach and implementation, so you can do the mathematical task very easily. To write a web base application is also easy with PHP. Novice programmer can easily learn PHP and it is most popular among them.

  1. Help from authority:

PHP is made by volunteers. No one seems it gain such popularity. Thanks these volunteers for creating PHP. Various volunteer communities try their best to update features. They also give you support at any time, any where. So it is hassle free. gives you all update features of PHP. Moreover, you can learn a lot from previous written forum posts of other contributors.

  1. Availability:

There are many platforms or frameworks based on PHP like YII, Codelgniter, CakePHP, Symphony, Predo, Zend etc. are popular among them. You can also find many other platforms that make an easy way to implement PHP code. These frameworks are managed by dedicated volunteers and they always ready to help you. These frameworks reduce code and give you the best output and best support.

  1. Free of cost:

The main and most effective reason to why you use PHP is that it is completely free. Its all contents, code, feature are absolutely free. It works with MySQL database best and this database also free. The PHP package contains some features like FTP, mail, graphics and they are also free. The using of PHP based server is a cost free but in some case you need to pay. Even it is cost free but its security system is very high. So that company which has limited money they rely on PHP.

  1. Content Management System:

There are various kinds of content management system like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. These three CMS is very popular. If you a non technical person then do not worry about PHP, because these content management systems give you the service of developing a web site without deep knowledge. And the most amazing thing is that these three CMS all build upon PHP! The 77.9% web developers depend on PHP, so why not you also? WordPress dominates the 54.3% web development market. So PHP is the leader of CMS.

  1. Platform Independent:

The most advantage of using PHP is that it is platform independent means it can run on windows, unix, Linux. It is a general purpose language and works better on all platforms and all architectures of computer system.


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